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Julie Bresciani, PhD.
Introduction to my work:

Welcome to my website!
julieI have been a professional Astrologer for over 35 years and certified as a Jungian psychoanalyst in NYC in 1982. My life's work has been the integration of Astrology with Psychology, and the liberation of the Feminine in women and men's psychologies, so that we can reach personal wholeness and improve our relationships.
I choose to work as an Astrologer, as there are many gifted Jungian analysts in this country, and around the world, while there are only a few with my unique experience, training, and background which enables individuals to delve deeply into their psyches and their life dynamics without having to commit to a lengthy and expensive therapeutic process and relationship. My years in practice as a Jungian analyst also showed me, that no matter how hard an individual worked in therapy, it was not until the planets shifted that the really significant shifts and changes could occur in their lives. For the right job, or person to show up in one's life, for that real estate property to sell etc, the stars must be in alignment. I do not see Astrology as replacing the therapeutic process, however; it cannot. Only hard work on oneself can assure that when the planets do shift, we are ready to make the most of that time and really zoom forward unobstructed by our own hang ups, and lack of consciousness. To this point I am glad to say that many of my clients are referred to me by my Jungian analyst colleagues, and many other very gifted therapists around the country, as an important adjunct to their work.
Astrology and the interpretation of your star chart provides an important view of the Holy Orders you selected in conjunction with the Divine Intelligence behind the Universe for your sojourn here. To have your star chart read is to become aware of your Higher Destiny Purpose so that you can live your own truth as fully as possible, and not merely be conditioned by the pressing needs of those around you, or the influences of the collective culture you have been born into. To have your stars read by a trained Jungian psychoanalyst enables you to understand the specific unconscious influences the stars are exerting on you. So informed, you can become more conscious of these forces, learn how to work with them and come to have more control over them than they have over you.

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